Wait, didn’t this used to be a magazine about street art and culture?

Yeah, it sure did! Thanks for remembering. I started Spit Press as a printed newspaper (and then magazine) in 2010. It has grown with me ever since. Thank you for being part of that journey.

So why do you blog?

I’m naturally quite curious. My podcast and blog are my way of sharing some of my findings.

What qualifications do you have?

A Master of Digital Communication and Culture from the University of Sydney, Bachelor of Media from Macquarie University and Certificate IV in Design from Shillington College.

Who takes all of these great photos?

Cameron Taylor! Check out the ‘team‘ tab for info about Cam and his work.

Can I get involved?

Sure. Just hit me up via the ‘work with me’ page.

Have a question? Just send it through to tym[at]spitpress.com