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Label State: Band tees with no overheads

By On March 3, 2013

Creating merch can be a big step for a band. From tote bags to t-shirts, cds to stickers, it’s a big call and in someways it’s a rite of passage. And now,… Read More

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Tunes, babes and booze: Speed dating ‘Dear Pluto’ style

By On February 3, 2013

We all know by now that when it comes to vintage threads, Dear Pluto is where it’s at. BUT now, the lovely lady behind all the frocks – Emma Daniels – is… Read More

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Guest Blog: Warwick Levy from Lonely Kids Club shares his thoughts on impressing people

By On January 29, 2013

The (super)man behind Sydney label Lonely Kids Club has stopped by to guest blog with The Spit Press. For a little info about Warwick you can click through here. Warwick… So in… Read More

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WeWood: One watch, one tree, one planet.

By On December 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, we gave away a pair of Proof sunglasses. Now, thanks to Branched – the company that brought us Proof – you could win the perfect Christmas gift for… Read More

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SDS Golden Ticket: Hurley board shorts giveaway!

By On December 9, 2012

A few weeks ago I spoke with Gabrielle Bate, head buyer for SDS. I learnt a few nifty things about what it’s like buying for one of Australia’s most loved and well… Read More

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The Land of Fig: A guide to embroidery

By On December 4, 2012

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents for your nearest and dearest, and we all know there is nothing better than a handmade gift. Nicole Figueroa… Read More

YFM Ride On Lunch
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Youth Food Movement: A call to arms

By On December 2, 2012

Comprising of chefs, university researchers and lecturers, media planners and strategists, campaign managers, permaculturalists, event organisers, dieticians, designers, and policy writers, Sydney’s freshest food initiative, the Youth Food Movement, sounds more like a… Read More

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No Breasts, No Requests: Drunk notes to DJs

By On November 25, 2012

We’ve all done it before, or maybe we’ve all just seen it done before – either way, drunk DJ requests are hi-larious.     Los Angeles based Mick Fiction has 10 years… Read More

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An Hour Worth Sharing: TED Radio Hour

By On October 9, 2012

Get more out of TED talks with the TED Radio Hour from NPR. Commuters and travellers, rejoice! Would it be too sacriligeous to say that I sometimes find TED talks boring? Don’t… Read More

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Dumb Fun: With Sydney artist Pigeonboy

By On September 13, 2012

How do creative folk strike a balance between full time work and their creative passions? No one ever said the solution had to be highbrow…   Matt Lauricella, aka Pigeonboy, is a… Read More

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Able and Game: Sentiments for the anti-sentimentalist

By On August 15, 2012

One of my closest friends and I have a competition going. It’s based on giving but it’s a competition nonetheless. Each year, we endeavor to give the other a quirkier birthday card… Read More

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Dosh wallets: Sleek, recyclable and up for grabs!

By On August 15, 2012

It’s not every day that you get to chat with one of the guys who designed the Sydney Olympic torch. Amongst other lifestyle products, they also design their own line of wallets… Read More

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The Spit Press: The team behind the zine

By On August 15, 2012

We say one last goodbye to our street press magazine and introduce our new website!     It feels good to be writing this post, even if it’s coming to you eight… Read More