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Dodo Magazine: Issue 0 launches

Posted on Friday April 26th, 2013 by Tym in Head Spaces

New mystery magazine proves that Dodo is not extinct – with a current population of 1.



Dodo is a new publication of which only one single issue is printed. The team behind the pages boast no advertising and no budget (despite providing an email “if you would like to advertise”), and proclaim that it was “conceived by the selfless collaboration of more than 30 contributors from around the world.”


“Selfless collaboration”…wtf? …really?


But pretence and my petty annoyances aside, the arts and culture rag itself is kind of worth checking out. In a mysterious little email dropped into the Spit inboxes Rubén Martín, founder and owner of Dodo, explained to us that, “Dodo was buried on a chest somewhere in the world. There was just one print copy. A map was released on the 5th of April and 3 hours after, the treasure was found.”


To see what all the fuss is about, or if any fuss is required of you at all, have a squiz at the digital copy here.

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