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Pear, Nutella & Almond Tart: Fancy French-ness in your kitchen

Posted on Thursday September 20th, 2012 by India in Head Spaces

This is basically a Tarte Tatin, which sounds fancy and technical, but is really just an upside-down tart. The French translates to ‘freaking delicious’*. I put Nutella in this one, because Nutella makes everything better.



This is what you’ll need-


Five hard-ish pears, peeled and cored and sliced up into about 5mm slices

1 ½ cups caster sugar

3 tbs butter

Another 1/3 cup caster sugar

½ cup almond meal

1 tbs flour

1 egg

½ tsp vanilla extract

1 tbs Nutella

1 sheet puff pastry


-Oven goes on at 180.


-You need to make the Nutella frangipane first. So cream the butter and 1/3 cup of caster sugar for a couple of minutes. Then add the almond meal and flour, then the egg. When that’s all light and fluffy and the sugar is all dissolved, throw in the vanilla and Nutella. Mix it up and bam, the best tart filling in the entire Universe, hands down.


-This next bit is a little trickier, because you need to make a dry caramel. Grab a frypan, making sure it’s no bigger than the sheet of pastry, cos the whole tart is going to end up this size. (Also, make sure the handle of your pan can go in the oven. Otherwise, you’re going to end up trying to unscrew the handle of the hot pan while boiling caramel is spitting at you. Not that I know this from experience.) Chuck 1½ cups of sugar into the pan and cook it over a medium heat until it goes all liquidy and dark and bubbly. The hard part is getting it to cook evenly. DON’T stir it, just shake the pan to move the sugar around or you’ll get these annoying hard lumps of sugar crystals that won’t dissolve messing up your smooth caramel.


-When it JUST goes dark, make a nice even layer over it with your pears. Do it super quick, or the caramel will go all burnt and bitter before you’re done.


-Spread the frangipane over the pears, making sure there are no gaps. You have to do this quickly too, because it will start to melt straight away and if it seeps through to the caramel layer before it sets in the oven, you’re going to end up with a gross looking messy tart. But it will still taste amazing.


-Finally, chuck your sheet of puff over the whole lot, tuck down the edges with a straight wooden spoon, give it a quick milk wash so it goes dark and crispy, and pop it in the oven for about half an hour.


-When it’s done, whack a chopping board over the top of the pan, flip it, and voila! It’s best to let this chill out on the bench for a bit before you try and cut it; it’s pretty oozy straight out of the oven.


-Serve it with cream or ice-cream, because it’s pretty freaking rich.


*I did make that up.





2 Responses to Pear, Nutella & Almond Tart: Fancy French-ness in your kitchen

  1. Sarah says:

    HOW FREAKING GOOD DOES THAT SOUND. I made my first tart on the weekend and it was perfecto. Might have to try this one now x

  2. Laura Martin says:

    Soooo making this recipe this weekend! looks amazing – here’s hoping mine turns out as good as this looks!

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